In 2021, the Nassau County Police Department opened the David S. Mack Center for Training and Intelligence.  Part of that endeavor had always been to create a Training Village. A unique space for first responders and the community to train together in a variety of simulated real-world role-play scenarios in a controlled setting.   Everyone’s goal is to have a properly trained, responsive, and effective police department, which would enforce the law, prevent crime and disorder, and work to benefit the community, while upholding the rights and dignity of all individuals.   This Training Village’s real-world scenario training will be one of the most powerful tools the NCPD will have to teach: situational awareness & operations, best practices, policing principals, and how to best display composure and verbal skills to develop good relationships in the community.  Achieving these goals is simply a matter of learning best practices and adopting them.  This Training Village is the Nassau County Police Department’s commitment to the people who live, work, play, in and travel though the County of Nassau.

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