The Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) Foundation was created in December 2008 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to provide financial support to the analytic, operational and outreach components of the Nassau County Police Department. The foundation supports programs and initiatives that are run by the NCPD to provide the residents of Nassau County with an improved quality of life through excellence in policing.

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The NCPD Foundation helps support the department’s programs and projects that are needed but unable to be funded due to budgetary constraints. This operational support allows our law enforcement officers to obtain the equipment and training necessary to keep them safe while they are doing their job to keep our communities safe. In addition, the foundation financially supports many of Nassau County’s important community programs that are run by the NCPD to support those in need, the youth in Nassau County, citizens who suffer from cognitive disorders and continue to build and create relationships with the community.

Through the kind generosity of businesses and members of our community, the NCPD Foundation has successfully been able to support many programs run by the department, continue to raise the funds necessary to construct a new academy and purchase important equipment needed by our officers. Due to the hard work of our Board, Advisory Board and Executive Director, the foundation continues to grow its support in order to provide the NCPD with the resources it needs to continue to make Nassau County a safe place to raise a family and start a business.

Whether one calls it philanthropy, generosity or humanitarianism, the Nassau County Police Foundation, its Board of Directors, Advisory Board, along with their staff, exemplify just about every aspect of what public spiritedness is all about.  They give of themselves in effort, time and resources.  Their goal is to improve the safety and welfare of all the people of Nassau County. The NCPD is privileged that this civically minded group of individuals created their organization with a strategic focus on our police department.  They identified our police department as being in the best position to reach and positively touch the lives of more Nassau County residents than any other group or organization.  It is with this acknowledgement, that I, and all of the NCPD Police Commissioners since the creation of the NCPD Foundation, greatly appreciate and wholeheartedly approve of them and their selfless efforts in supporting the many collaborative community initiatives, programs and projects of the Nassau County Police Department.

– Patrick J. Ryder, Commissioner of Police


To provide financial support to the analytic, operational and outreach components of the Nassau County Police Department’s mission to serve and protect the people of Nassau County and to provide safety and an improved quality of life in our communities through excellence in policing.


  • To build and maintain a new, state-of-the-art Police Academy which will be utilized as an academic and training institution that will address issues related to community policing and best practices in the area of criminal justice.
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  • To provide equipment and/or training to assist the Nassau County Police Department with resources not available from the normal budgetary revenue streams.
  • To support programs that advance the relationship between the Nassau County Police Department and academic and other institutes addressing or capable of addressing issues relating to policing.
  • To assist the department with addressing specific matters of concern, including expert changes, issue of training, best practices in law enforcement, and outreach programs.
  • Allow the Nassau County Police Department to take advantage of rapidly emerging opportunities relating to training, equipment, or research that would further the department’s effectiveness or professionalism.

Audited Financials – Click link to download report: Auditors Report 2020 & 2021

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Board of Directors


*Eric Blumencranz


*Mario Doyle

Members At Large

Gene M. Bernstein
*Marc J. Blumencranz
Kevin Dwyer
Marc Feinberg
Neil Friedman
*Martin Greenberg
Doug Hammond
Linda Kaplan
Karen O’Callaghan
Matthew Schamroth
Kris Torkan
Brian A. Wasserman

Ex Officio Members

Larry Mulvey
Kenneth W Lack
Steven Skrynecki (†)

Chairman Emeritus

Stephen L. Hammerman

Advisory Board

Barry Ballen
Bart Baum
David M. Baum
Steven Berger
Jason Bimonte
Jake Blumencranz
Roger Blumencranz
Yuriy Bogutskiy
Harry P. Braunstein
Jan Burman
Kenny Breslin
Wilbur Breslin
Michael Carbonara
Robert Catell
Robert A. Certilman
Andrew Chernoff
Scott Colletti
Daniel J. Denihan
Donald G. Denihan
Laurence K. Denihan
Salvatore DiLorenzo
Al Eskanazy
John G. Ferrari
Michael Garmisa
Josh Gatoff
Robert Golden
Eli Gross
Jim Hagedorn
Todd Harrison
Jack Hartog
Hon. Lee A. Israel
Scott Jaffee
Jay Joel
David I. Katz
David M. Katz
Hon. Steven Kaufman
Marc Kemp
Oliver Kim
Richard Krulik
Richard Leeds
Craig Litt
Shalom Maidenbaum
Ira Mark
Michael Nikolai
Bruce Pergament
Randi Pergament
Chuck Piluso
Richard Pisnoy
Jeff Plotka
Adam Radosti
David W. Reimer
Chris Reinhardt
Charles Rick
Martin Rosenman
Joel Schneider
Daniel Serota
Jeffrey Siegel
Matthew Skidell
Barry Skolnick
Scott Lawrence Smith
Louis Sparacino Jr.
Howard Tanney
Marc Taub
Jon Tyras
Michael VanDenburg
Mel Weiner
Stu Weiner
Lee D. Westerlind
Andrew Weinberg
Spyro Zarifopoulos
Jordan A. Ziegler
Mitchell Zimberg

Executive Director

Alexandra Nigolian

*Executive Committee Member

  • Mailing Address: 734 Franklin Ave #189, Garden City, NY 11530
  • Phone: (877) 627-3331

Learn More About the NCPD Center for Training & Intelligence – it’s Groundbreaking, Development and Completion. Visit https://ncpdfoundation.org/ncpdacademypaverprogram/ to learn how you can leave a lasting mark showing your support of this state-of-the-art facility.

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